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EPISODE 298: SOLOSPECTION with Tim Burnett

December 14, 2017
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Today on Gritty, I’m on location in Oklahoma with Tim Burnett. We’re on a whitetail hunt in Oklahoma. And I’m trying to self-film my hunt. And… it’s not so easy. Tim shares his philosophy on self-filming. And we stray from the subject of self-filming hunts to the topic of so-called trophy hunting--and the propensity of weak people to fault-find and criticize others to make themselves feel better about their own lives. Because if you can hate on a post about a kid’s first bull elk, you’ve got problems and I’m not afraid to say, “grow-up” and “get a life.” Stop saying things that make you weak. And figure yourself out. Too many people assume the problems of the world are someone else's fault. A true person tries to change him or herself, which is more difficult and less grand. If we all focused on fixing ourselves instead of trying to fix everybody else the world would be a better place. And if you think you don’t have anything to fix--think again. Evil is the force that believes its knowledge is complete. 

The reality is this:

•Everybody acts out a myth,

•but very few people know what their myth is.

•And you should know what your myth is,

•because it might be a tragedy.

• And maybe you don't want it to be.


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