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EPISODE 307: Catchin’ Deers, Elks, Fishes & Sheeps

January 22, 2018

You’ve been out hunting all-day. And you roll into a truck-stop diner. You’re still in your camo duds and the waitress comes over and says, “you been huntin’?” And you say, “ya…” And she says, “did ya catch anything?” And then you laugh a little and you say, “nah, not yet.” But you don’t bother explaining that hunters don’t “catch” deer. This little scenario has played out a million times across the civilized world--it’s a universal experience that nearly every hunter can relate to. Why do people use the word caught? After all, deer huntin’ ain’t fly-fishing--there’s no catch-and-release; deer hunters hunt for keeps. And what’s another thing… my wife still says deers--with an “s.” No matter how many times I tell her that the plural for deer is still just deer she can’t seem to bring herself to drop the “s.” Did you know we also have elks where we live in Colorado?

Well, today’s guests are the boys from Catchin’ Deers. AND TRUST ME, you don’t want to miss this one! These guys are the epitome of what I call “The Hunting Buddy Fraternity.” This podcast consists of a lot of heckling, camaraderie, trash talk, brotherhood, and laughter. My guests are Mike and Bud Fisher, and Austin Casselman. 
We talk about how Catchin’ Deers got started--the many hours of work and in-depth planning that DID NOT go into creating this brand. We talk hockey. We talk hockey retirement; apparently Mike played hockey in the NHL for 17 years and he was kind of a big deal. Look him up--because that’s probably the only way you’re gonna hear about it because Mike doesn’t really talk. But that’s okay, his brother, Bud talks enough for both of them. Austin is currently suffering from Adult Onset Hunting Syndrome--in other words, he’s been newly inducted into the hunting fraternity. Ironically, he’s also the person who asked, “did ya’ll catch anything?” Which pretty much makes him the mastermind, genius behind the Catchin’ Deers brand--no matter what Mike and Bud tell you. 
Enjoy this one! And if you like what you hear, get yourself a Catchin’ Deers hat and shirt. And follow’em on social media--and also, bombard them with useless new ideas for more awesome clothing ideas that’ll keep us laughing. Here’s Catchin’ Deers. 


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