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EPISODE 308: Spot and Stalk Whitetails in the Lone Star State

January 24, 2018
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Today on Gritty, I give you part 2 of the Texas Whitetail hunt--first part is episode 297. A group of us were invited to Sloane’s family ranch in Texas; which includes John Barklow and Chris Derek from Sitka Gear. AND Sloane Brown from Backbone Media. AND my good friend, Casey Harbertson, partner and owner of MTN OPS.

On this episode we switch gears from survival and technical clothing systems to hunting whitetails in Texas. It’s just a group of buddies sitting around the hunting cabin talking about the week’s antics and adventures. 

“There wouldn’t be no Alamo,
No Cowboys in the Superbowl…
No Lonsome Dove, no “Yellow Rose”,
If it wasn’t for Texas. 
-George Strait 

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