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EPISODE 313: Donnie Vincent, Driven By Nature, Proud To Be A Hunter

February 1, 2018
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Today on Gritty Bowmen we hang out with friend Donnie Vincent. I could sit an listen to Donnie tell stories for hours. He’s an explorer, biologist, conservationist, and sportsman. And a gifted weaver of adventurous tales in wild and remote places. When Donnie’s storytelling transcends the spoken word and comes to life in the form of cinematic film--it’s incredible. His films change hearts and minds. And films like, “Who We Are,” “The River’s Divide,” and “Terra Nova,” have permanently changed how I view the world and the hunt. So sit back and enjoy the show. And then, if you haven’t already, support Donnie by getting his film’s at

Those who know me, know that I love a good hunting story. And I’m no Donnie Vincent but Gritty Bowmen has its own brand of filmmaking--it’s kinda Gritty… it’s a bit unpolished, it usually has a few smart-aleck comments, some shaky footage, some adventure and it reminds you of the hunts you go on with your buddies.

So with that preamble, I have an announcement to make. On Thursday, February 8th at the Western Hunt Expo in Salt Lake City, I’ll be showing my latest Gritty film on the big screen. And it’s not just my film that’ll be showing, my good friend Cole Kramer will also be featuring his YETI film from Nepal that night as well. There will be Gritty Bingo, Prizes, Raffles, Giveaways and much more! My good friends at Sitka Gear, YETI, HOYT, MTN OPS, and Leupold Optics are helping to make this event a fun one! Raffle proceeds go to the Rocky Mountain Goat Alliance.

Please, if you want to support Gritty and you’re coming to the Western Hunt Expo, please go to and get tickets now.

Please spread the word--invite your friends and family, and come see what a Gritty Movie Night is all about.

Here’s a 30-second trailer for the film--check it out.


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