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EPISODE 336: Be The Decoy with Branden VanDyken

April 7, 2018
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On this episode of Gritty Bowmen I sit down with Branden VanDyken of Be The Decoy.

Be The Decoy - Bozeman, Montana
Technology & Hunting
Tips on using the Decoy
Spot & Stalk techniques
Don’t be a gopher. Don’t pop up. Resist the urge to “play peekaboo”.
Hunting Antelope in Montana
Taking wind for granted
Gritty Bowmen Goat Hunt Film discussion
Goat Hunt Cliff Safety
Rock Climbing - The advantages of bringing rope and paracord while goat hunting
Controversy of showing “too much” on Goat Hunt Film
Arrow weight in the wind
“Just get closer.” 50 & under
Goat Hunt Review
Aron’s Tradbow Elk Hunt
Total Archery Challenge benefits archery skills
Choosing to archery hunt, longbow, tradbow, Traditional Archery


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