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EPISODE 338: Whitetail Evolution & Mule Deer Migration with Jim Heffelfinger

April 18, 2018
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On this episode of Gritty Bowmen I sit down at the Western Hunt Expo with Jim Heffelfinger.


Heritage - Swiss German

Coatimundi - behavior, meat, hunting Arizona
Bear meat, heart meat, liver

whitetail evolution, fossils,

Gritty Book Club Recommendation: American Serengeti - Dan Flores

Columbian Blacktail, Nocturnal, Genetics

Mule Deer hunting, Coues Deer Hunting

Remi Warren How do you kill a Coues Deer? Find rocky canyon to cover the sound of your approach.

Mule Deer Working Group - Landscape, Migration,

CWD - infected deer

Hunting is the best management for deer population

Deer of the Southwest

Arizona Game & Fish

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