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Episode 60: Women Hunt Too with Sadie Kennel

January 9, 2016
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Sadie Kennel has been hunting for about 7 years. She was born and raised in Idaho. What drives Sadie Kennel to hunt? What kind of animals has she hunted? 

Sadie gets real about what it’s like to hunt in late season. What it’s like to hunt with her boyfriend  Jason Wright of Pure Elevation Productions. 

Sadie: My boot’s wet and he (Jason) gets the jetboil out and he’s trying to dry out my boot with the open flame and that’s not working. So finally he pulls out his dry sack that he has for his sleeping bag and says, “Here put this on”… I finally get out of the tent and I shove my foot in this dry bag and put it in my boot and I have my jetboil full of coffee and I’m just like dragging my feet over to the spot and it’s foggy… and we get there and I kinda see this weird silhouette. I thought it was a tree. It turns out it wasn’t a tree it was a deer.

Brian: How dramatically does that improve your mood?

Sadie: Oh instantly! It was like throw my pack off, gettin’ my crap together and I’m like, “Where are we sitting? Let’s do this!” 

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