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EPISODE 87: Russ Meyer and Corey Jacobsen

February 29, 2016
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On this episode of Gritty Bowmen. I and my hunting partner Anthony Spencer sit down with Russ Meyer and Corey Jacobsen at the Northwest Hunting and Conservation EXPO in Salt Lake City Utah. Anthony and I talk about the first time we met Russ, which was in the peaks of some Arizona mountains chasing elk in mid-september a few years back. Russ has got to be one of the most successful, under-the-radar hunters I’ve ever met. Kind of like Aron Snyder, Russ Meyer is a bit introverted. And like Aron, I think Russ is sometimes misunderstood by those on the outside looking in. But I find people like Russ fascinating. They don’t open-up that easily but once they do, they usually talk your ear off (ahem… Aron Snyder). In this podcast, Russ doesn’t disappoint. We get to know him a little better. He shares his knowledge on how to slay big game year after year, which he has done for decades. And Russ tells us what he does to raise his children with hunting. And we get to hear a little about how he and his wife work-out his days in the field, away from home for months at a time. And Corey Jacobsen shares his insight too—but mostly, I’d say he was just the eye candy.

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